21st Century Schools Program


The 21st Century Schools program is Baltimore City's new $1 billion school construction program.  This investment represents the largest single investment in schools and neighborhoods to date.  While we are excited about our victory, the Transform Baltimore campaign cannot rest.  We are working to ensure that this program is implemented effectively and efficiently, to get the most amount of high quality school buildings possible for the children, teachers, and neighborhoods of Baltmore City.  

Rebuilding and renovating schools for the 21st century brings enormous opportunities to not only impact the classrooms and student achievement, but also the neighborhood.  Our campaign is working with community and education advocates to ensure that there is robust community engagement throughout the planning, design, and construction processes. We are also working with neighborhood associations and community development groups to create more opportunities for investment around each new school.  Learn more about our campaigns work here!   

Components of the 21st Century Schools Program

21st Century Schools Program Website:  The MOU Partners - Baltimore City Public Schools, Maryland Stadium Authority, the State's Interagency Committee on School Construction, and the City of Baltimore - manage the program.  Visit this site to get information about each school project, meetings, jobs, etc.  Members of our campaign provided input into the development of the website and we've highlighted important aspects of the site here.  The Transform Baltimore campaign also provides information on our site to help bring clarity to the program.  Click on the links below to learn more.

School Projects, Design Process, and Current Status:  What is the process for planning and designing the new or renovated school building?  How many/which schools are in the program and where are they in the design process?

Community Engagement and Meetings:  Is there community engagement/input within the process and how do I find out about the meetings? 

21st Century School Building Design:  What will these schools look like and how will they be different?

Schools as Community Centers or Hubs:  Is there an effort to make these schools "Community Schools?"

Jobs:  Will there be jobs and training available and what is the application process?

Community and Economic Development:  How will this unprecedented investment help with neighborhood revitalization?

Management/Oversight: Who manages the program and what is the role of the school system, state, city, and Maryland Stadium Authority?

Financing:  Where does the $1 billion come from?  Who finances the program?