What Exciting Projects are Coming to Baltimore, Maryland?

Learn about new dining rooms, transportation centers & entertainment centers coming to Charm City! An extensive sewer lining & rehabilitation project is underway in Carney & Towson.

What Exciting Projects are Coming to Baltimore, Maryland?

Learn about the new and improved dining rooms, transportation centers, and entertainment centers coming to Charm City. An extensive sewer lining project is underway in Carney, Perry Hall and Towson. More than 12 miles of sanitary sewer pipes are being relined, with most of the work being done underground with minimal impact on communities. The final video inspection of the 67,000 feet of the sewer line has not yet been completed, but there may be some traffic or parking problems and occasional chemical odors.

Maryland is relaunching the Red Line project to connect Baltimore communities from east to west. The university governor plans to lease a 2.4-acre land located on the northwest corner of Maryland Avenue and West Oliver Street in downtown Baltimore to developer Zahlco. The Postal Service vehicle building on the site would be adapted to the proposed project, which includes 235 multi-family apartments with 30,000 square feet of stores at street level. A second, newly built building would include a 350-unit multi-family skyscraper and a parking garage.

The buildings will not be privatized student housing or university property. The university and the developer expect to reach a land lease agreement for the site this fall. The president of the University of Baltimore, Kurt L. Schmoke, described the project as “a major advance in our way of thinking about the city center”.

The project would be the last development oriented to public transportation near the Penn Amtrak station, which is one block away. Amtrak has selected a group to remodel its properties around the passenger train station, which provides regular service to Washington D. C. Zahlco will work with the Baltimore Department of Planning on design proposals.

The University of Baltimore will request approval from the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland and the Maryland Board of Public Works in order to prepare the lease of the land with Zahlco. Northern Real Estate Urban Ventures, a company owned by women and minorities, has partnered with Zahlco on the project. The Baltimore City Department of Public Works submitted a joint permit request to the Wetlands and Waterways Program of the Non-Tidal Wetlands Division of the Maryland Department of Environment for the LRD Culvert 11 project, which involves the replacement of an existing 30-inch RCP sewer and the repair of a washing area adjacent to the LRD, as requested by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works. The state must update its environmental impact study for the project in order to apply for federal funds.

These exciting new projects, which cover housing, entertainment, business and transportation sectors, will bring thousands of jobs and unique experiences to Baltimore. Funded projects are guided by a project manager throughout their design process, which includes schematic design, conceptual design, design development and construction documents. Now known as Baltimore Peninsula, this project is about to finish its first phase of construction with more than 1.1 million square feet of offices, retail stores and mixed-income residential units opening next year according to investors. A major sewer rehabilitation project consisting of 15 miles of sewer lines in Overlea and Rosedale areas is also underway.

The Red Line was a planned 14-mile railroad line from east to west that would have connected isolated high-poverty neighborhoods with regional employment centers from Woodlawn to western Baltimore, downtown Baltimore and east to Baltimore.

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